Zurvita scam review is it a scam or legitimate business

If you are reading this Zurvita scam review you are probably thinking about joining this business opportunity but you just want to make sure that it is not a scam but a legitimate business.  This Zurvita scam review will give you the facts about the company so that you can make an educated decision.


Zurvita scam? What is Zurvita?

Are the Zurvita scam complaints true?  Absolutely Not!  It is a legitimate homebased business.  Zurvita is a network marketing company that was started by Mark Jarvis who is the founder and President of the company.   Mark has over 20 years of experience and he was the number 1 income earner in another company called Ameriplan.  Zurvita is a subsidiary of the Amacore Group Inc.  Amarcore provides products that are not available to the average person.


Zurvita Products


Some of the products that Zurvita markets include an energy rate plan, health care benefits and services packages, a plan that provides the members with discounted prices and free services on computer and technology support, and a discount card that saves you money on services and retail products.


Zurvita Compensation Plan


Zurvita distributors can get paid a few ways, they can make money on retail sales every time a product or service is sold, Global Bonus pools and a monthly residual income and you can also qualify to get a black Mercedes Benz. To get paid every way possible you only have to be good at 2 things: you have to be good at selling the products and services and you have to be good at recruiting people who can do the same thing.  If you can master those skills there is no telling how much money you can make.


Why the Zurvita Scam claims?


People who joined the company with a get rich quick mentality usually make Zurvita scam complaints and when they fail to make money they quit the business and made "Zurvita scam" claims.  Zurvita is a legitimate business and it will require work and learning new skills if you plan to be successful at it.  However you should be aware of some distributors that will lie to you and make it sound like you hardly have to do anything to make money.  They are just telling you that because they are desperate to get someone to join them in business.  You can definitely make a lot of money with Zurvita but it will require work and if you are doing it properly you will have more people to talk to who are actually looking for a business like Zurvita than you can actually get to.


Success with Zurvita


Now that we know the Zurvita scam claims are not true, lets talk about how you can have success with the company. You should not only rely on your friends and family to build your business even though it is good to let them know about it.  If you really want to have success with Zurvita it will depend on your ability to brand yourself as a leader, market and generate leads on a daily basis. The best way to do this is to use attraction marketing.


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