Havvn Review Is This a Good Company to Join


If you are reading this Havvn review you are probably thinking about joining Havvn.  It is always smart to do your research before you get involved in any business.  This review will give you the facts about the company and it will also tell you what you need to do to have success if you decide to join.


Havvn review - The Company


Havvn is a new network marketing company that launched in February 2011.  The company was originally called Jus International.  The company was started by Rick  Durham who is very experienced in Business.  Not only is Rick very experienced in business but he also has brought on a team of people who also have a lot of experience to offer.  Havvn is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah but they also have another office in Tokyo, Japan.

Havvn The Products


Havvn sells 3 main products.  The First is a nutritional juice called Jus which helps maintain health cholesterol levels, protects against free radicals, increase energy, supports cardiovascular health and nourishes the skin.


The second product is the Havvn DNA system.  The D stands for the Day cream the N is for the Night cream and the A is for the Activiating cream.  This is a cream that is used on the skin.  This product is suppose to remove wrinkles and fine lines in 4 weeks and make you look more youthful. 


The third product is called HAVVN Go, this product is a nutritional product that is suppose to protect and repair DNA, improve mood and increase energy.  This product is activated with water.


Havvn – The Compensation Plan


Havvn has a few ways that you can get paid, but to get to the top of the compensation plan all you have to do is be good at 2 things, promoting the products and recruiting new distributors.  If you want to build a strong residual income you have to teach your team how to duplicate what you do.  This business is not about what you can do it is about what you can duplicate with your team of distributors.  Duplication is what will pay you the big money.


To get started in business as a rep with Havvn you have to purchase the starter kit for $25 and maintain a monthly autoship of 200 CV in order to get paid from the compensation plan.


HAVVN How to Have Success


This company appears to have great products and excellent leadership.  However that is not the only thing that is needed to have success in a network marketing company.  Most reps in network marketing fail because they don’t know how to market and generate leads. 


When you get started in HAVVN the first thing you will be told to do is make a list of your family and friends.  This is the best and fastest way to get started making money in your business.  The problem is that after the new distributor goes through their friends and family they run out of people to speak to.  This is were you have to remember that you are in Network Marketing, after you go through your network of friends and family you have to learn how to Market.


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