Paparazzi Accessories Review - Want to Get paid to sell Paparazzi Jewelry

If you are taking a look at this Paparazzi Accessories review you are probably strongly considering joining this business to suppliment your income by selling Paparazzi Jewelry.  Congratulations on doing your research because most people won’t take the time to see what is involved in building a network marketing business like Paparazzi Accessories.  This article will give you the truth about Paparazzi business and it will also tell you what you need to do to have success if you do decide to sell Paparazzi Jewelry.

Paparazzi Accessories - A little Background


Paparazzi Accessories” is a MLM (Multilevel Marketing) business that was founded in 2010.  The company is locateded in Hurricane, Utah.  Paparazzi Accessories is a party plan company that markets a line of Paparazzi Jewelry and hair accessories.  The company was founded by Misty Kirby.


Paparazzi Jewelry and Accessories


The Paparazzi Jewelry and their other products offers new trendy styles in jewelry and fashion and they also teamed up with suppliers to keep their prices low and affordable so that anyone can buy the products.  Most “Paparazzi jewelry” and items sell for under ten bucks.  Distributors who host the parties can qualify to earn free Paparazzi Jewelry along with other accessories.  Consultants can also earn discounts on their personal purchases when they qualify.


Paparazzi Accessories –How much is it to join?


To join as an independent distributor for Paparazzi accessories and sell Paparazzi Jewelry along with their other products the cost is $40.  However there are many different starter kits that they suggest you get started with.  The price of the starter kits range from $300 to $2750.  All the starter kits come with invitations for you to invite people to your parties, sales bags, display hooks, receipts, Paparazzi jewelry repair kits, application forms and a few other things.


Paparazzi Accessories The Pay Plan


If you become an Independent consultant’s you can get paid 45% profit every time you sell Paparazzi jewelry or any of the other accessories at the retail price, plus you can also get from 5 to 10% up to 3 levels from your team when they recruit other Paparazzi consultants.  Basically there are 2 ways that you can get paid with Paparazzi Accessories, the first way is to sell the products and he second way is to recruit distributors and teach them how to do the same thing you do.


Paparazzi Accessories – Ready fore Success? 


Even though Paparazzi Accessories is a legitimate business over 90% of the consultants are failing.  Why? Because they join with unrealistic expectations, many of them believe that they will get wealthy just from exposing their friends and family to the business.  Even though approaching your friends and family is a good wayto start building your Paparazzi Accessories business, you need to have a plan after you run go through that list.  This is where most distributors fail because they run out of people to talk to.

If you want to have success you need to a system that will teach you how to market and generat at least 10 leads a day that are looking to start a network marketing business like Paparazzi Accessories.  This is how the top earners in every network marketing company get to the top.  So where can I see the system that the top earners are using?

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