My Lead Company Review- Are you getting quality Leads?

If you are reading this My Lead company review you are probably thinking about  using this company to assist you with getting leads or you are thinking about joining the business opportunity.  If you are serious about building your network marketing business then you understand how important it is to have a steady flow of quality leads.  This article will give you the facts about My Lead Company and if it is really worth it to buy leads from them.


My Lead Company Review- What is it?


My Lead Company is a company that gets and sells leads to network marketers.  The company was started by J.R Jackson who has been involved in network marketing for a quite a while.  He was previously involved with Prepaid Legal, which has recently been renamed Network Marketing and he was also a part of World Ventures.  Jackson and his wife are now top producers in another MLM called Team Beachbody. 


My Lead Company generates leads using online methods and offline methods.  Then they give you the opportunity to buy the leads that they generate to help you build your MLM business.  You can buy 200 leads a week which will cost you $25 per week and as of right now the price goes all the way up to $200 a week for 5000 leads.  The company also trains you on how to speak to the leads so that you can get them to look at your business opportunity.


My Lead Company Review – The Compensation Plan


There are 4 ways that you can get paid with this company.


  1. 50% first order bonus
  2. Daily Infinity Commission group volume from 5% - 25%
  3. 1% Founders pool
  4. World Wide Bonus pool

The good thing about this compensation plan is that it pays through alert pay, which means you get the money within a few days instead of a few weeks or a few months.


Should you join My Lead Company or by Leads from them


The truth is that buying MLM leads is a waste of time and a waste of money for most people, for a few reasons.  On the other it does work if you are persistent and you’re willing to go through a ton of rejection and your not in a hurry to build your business.  If you do choose this method to build your MLM business you should definitely add some additional methods to help you get quality leads.  The problems that most people have when buying leads is that the names on the list are you usually not accurate, when you do get someone on the phone they usually have no interest, they are annoyed that you are calling them, the names on the list are worked over and over again by different people which results in a lot of people putting their number on the don not call list. 


However if you are planning on joining this business opportunity to make money you should be aware that it is a new company and no one can tell if it will be around for the long term.  If you are serious about joining this company you will need to learn how to generate quality leads.

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