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If you are reading this article you are probably considering joining Network Marketing.  It is always important to do your research so that you know exactly what you are getting involved with before you shell out your hard earned money.  In this LegalShield review you will get the facts about the company, products, compensation plan, and you will also learn what you need to guarantee your success should you decide to join.


Network Marketing The company

LegalShield is a network marketing company that was originally called Pre-Paid Legal services Inc.  Pre-paid legal was founded in 1972 and in 2011 the name was changed to Network Marketing. 


LegalShield What do they Market?


Network Marketing markets legal services to their customers and distributor’s.  They pick a carefully screened law firm that meets their standards and then they give their members the law firms toll free number so that they can contact the law firm if they have any problems or legal concerns.  The services also include Identity theft shield, which is a service that detects when someone maybe trying to steal your identity.  This service gives its members continuous credit monitoring along with forensic assistance in repairing credit in the event that your identity was stolen.


To become a Network Marketing Representative or associate will cost $249.  When you join at this price you will get your training aids, home office support and online services.


Network Marketing the Pay Plan


Commissions are paid when the distributors make sales and when they recruit new distributors and train them on how to make sales.   Basically to make money with this company you have to be good at selling the legal services and recruiting new team members and showing them how duplicate the same results.  If you can master those skills you will make a ridiculous amount of money with this company.


Should you Join LegalShield


This company has been around since 1972 and they have great leadership and services.  This company is a great company to join, but just because the company and the services are great that does not mean you will have success or make money.  Your success will be determined by the skills you learn and how you apply them.


To have a successful business in this industry you have to be able to market and get quality leads.  When I say quality leads I’m talking about people who have a real interest in starting a network marketing business.  When you first get started in Network Marketing the first thing they are going to have you do is make a list of your family and friends so that you can contact them and introduce them to the business opportunity and the services.  This is the best way to get started, but the problem is that after you go through your network of family and friends you need to have other people to speak to.  This is where the Marketing in network MARKETING comes in.  If you can’t market and get quality leads to look at your business you really won’t have a business.


The best thing you can do to guarantee your success is to learn the necessary skills on how to market and get leads.  To see how the top producers are getting 50 plus high quality leads a day and recruiting as much as 50 people a month, visit Matthew Alleyne’s MLM Training where you will get more details on how to have success with Network Marketing.

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