Jeunesse-globald Scam or pyramid scheme?

If you are reading this article about the Jeunesse-globald Scam you are probably doing your research before you shell out your hard earned money to join this MLM company.  You where probably introduced to the company by someone asking you these questions, Do you drink coffee? Do you no anyone that drinks coffee?  How would you like to get paid to drink coffee? In this Organo Gold Scam Review I will let you know if this business is a fraud or if you can really get paid to drink coffee.


Jeunesse-globald Scam?


Before we can answer the OrganoGold Scam question we should define what a scam or a pyramid scheme is.  One dictionary defines a scam as a fraudulent scheme to make a quick profit. A pyramid scheme is defined as a non-sustainable business that pays its members to recruit other members without having a legitimate product or service being sold.  Simply put a pyramid scheme has no product or service to sell they are just passing around money to recruit people.  No lets see if Jeunesse-globald falls into these categories.


Jeunesse-globald Scam or Legit business? 

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Jeunesse-globald is a network marketing or multi level marketing (MLM) company that launched in 2008.  The owner of the company is Bernie Chua who also owned another MLM company in the Philippines with 500,000 distributors.  Bernie has more than 10 years of experience in the network marketing industry.  He was also one of the few people to introduce ganoderma coffee to the USA.


Jeunesse-globald's Product


Organo Gold sells Ganoderma coffee.  Ganoderma is a healthier kind of coffee than what most people drink. Ganoderma is a kind of mushroom and it is sometimes goes by the name Reishi or Lingzhi.  The Chinese have been using this for more than 4000 years as an ingredient in some medicines because of the way it heals the body.


The Compensation Plan


Jeunesse-globald has a very lucrative compensation plan that can allow the right person to make a lot of money.  Out of all the 7 ways that they allow you to get paid none of them allow you to get paid strictly for recruiting a new distributor.  All commissions are paid based on the sale of products.  Most people think that a commission is paid for a new distributor being recruited, but in reality the commission is being paid on the sale of the product that the new distributor purchases when they enroll into the company.


Jeunesse-global Scam is not true?


No.  This company is a legitimate company. It is not a pyramid scheme either because no one gets paid for recruiting a new distributor. The company also gives its customers a full 100% money back guarantee if they are not satisfied with the product.  They actually allow you to drink a whole box of coffee and then give you a full refund if you are not satisfied.  Anyone that would say that is a scam is CRAZY.


Why do people make Jeunesse-globald Scam claims?  The only people that are going to call it a scam is someone who has been involved in this company directly or another network marketing company and never made any money or someone who doesn’t understand the concept of network marketing.


Sadly the truth is that a lot of people are not making money in network marketing even though it is a legitimate business. Why? They never took the time out to learn the skills needed to build a MLM business.  If you are going to build any network marketing company to the point where you can do it full time you have to learn what to do after you go through your warm market of family and friends. It is important that you learn how to market and get at least 20+ quality leads per day.  If you can’t you will have a hard time building a solid business like most MLM distributors do.

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