(CCPro)Carbon Copy Pro or MLSP which one is better?


If you are reading this article you are probably trying to decide if CCPro aka Carbon Copy Pro or MLSP is better.  It is good to do your research so that you can make an informed decision.  This article will discuss both Marketing Systems so that you can make an informed decision on which system is the better of the 2.


Carbon Copy Pro or MLSP


Both MLSP and Carbon Copy Pro are great marketing programs.  Carbon Copy Pro was around before MLSP got started.  As a matter of fact the creators of MLSP used Carbon Copy Pro before they came up with the Idea for MLSP aka My Lead System Pro.  Because The founders of MLSP came from Carbon Copy Pro the system has a lot of similarities but they are still slightly different.


Carbon Copy Pro (CCPro) The Good and The Bad


Carbon Copy Pro has a lot of great training when it comes to generating leads and marketing online.  They also have affiliate programs to help you cover your advertising expenses.  CCPro is a good system but it is geared towards Top Tier programs and, so anyone who is interested in promoting an MLM business might not want to use Carbon Copy pro.  With CCPro you can only promote one opportunity.


My Lead System Pro (MLSP)


My Lead System Pro has pretty much everything that Carbon Copy Pro has.  However the difference with MLSP is that they allow the user to brand them selves throughout the entire system.  Even after someone joins the system they can but their own personal training inside of the system for the members that join the system.  The system also allows you to customize and insert your own facebook fanpage that is ready to get leads from facebook with a few clicks of a button.  You can also promote up to 3 business opportunities with the system and it can be Top Tier or MLM it is not limited to anything specifc.


Should you Pick Carbon Copy Pro Or MLSP


In my opinion they are both excellent systems when it comes to teaching you how to market and get leads.  But, I have decided to use MLSP because you can promote more than 1 opportunity and it doesn’t matter if it is A top tier company or an MLM business. 


To take MLSP for a test drive or to see what they have to offer visit my MLSP site to get more information. 

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